Project scope consists of roadway, curb and gutter replacement sidewalk repairs, new storm sewer, new water main and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

. New curb and gutter
· All new asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer replacement and upsizing with new homeowner sewer services
· Water main replacement and upsizing with new homeowner water services
· Driveway apron repairs and replacement
· Sidewalk repairs
. Paving of Colfax from Harlem to Nordica

Project Timeline April 2013 – Start of Construction
November 2013 – End of Construction

Monday, August 26, 2013

Asphalt Binder Completed

This past week the contractor fine graded the aggregate base materials, repaired unsuitable area of base materials, and paved the asphalt binder layer along Nora Avenue and Neva Avenue north of Colfax Avenue. The contractor also began landscape grading and topsoil installation in the parkways.
Next week the contractor anticipates to continue to perform landscape grading and installation of topsoil along the project site. The contractor is not scheduled to install sod until after the Labor Day weekend. Sod is typically installed after Labor Day weekend due to more favorable growing conditions.
The work along Colfax Avenue is currently on hold until a decision regarding traffic calming measures can be resolved.  Once the final decision is reached and design of improvements is completed, the contractor will perform concrete curb & gutter replacements, pavement surface removal, and asphalt paving along Colfax Avenue.
The final asphalt pavement surface layer will not be installed until all landscape restorations are completed and Colfax Avenue is ready for asphalt pavement.
We appreciate all of your patience during the inconvenience of construction along your roadway including restricted access to your driveways, dust and dirt during construction, and various parking restrictions and detours. All driveways are now restored and residents should have unrestricted access until the day of asphalt surface paving. Now that the binder layer of asphalt pavement has been installed, the amount of dust is greatly reduced.