Project scope consists of roadway, curb and gutter replacement sidewalk repairs, new storm sewer, new water main and parkway restoration. The project improvements include:

. New curb and gutter
· All new asphalt pavement
· Storm sewer replacement and upsizing with new homeowner sewer services
· Water main replacement and upsizing with new homeowner water services
· Driveway apron repairs and replacement
· Sidewalk repairs
. Paving of Colfax from Harlem to Nordica

Project Timeline April 2013 – Start of Construction
November 2013 – End of Construction

Friday, May 31, 2013

Storm Sewer on Nora Continues

This past week the contractor installed new storm sewer along Nora Avenue south of Colfax Avenue. As the contractor installed the main line storm sewer, they also installed new storm sewer services and water services to individual homes.
Next week the contractor will continue to install storm sewer along Nora Avenue, south of Colfax. The contractor is anticipating to complete the storm sewer along Nora Avenue south of Colfax Avenue. The contractor will then begin installing the storm sewer north of Colfax Avenue along Nora Avenue. The same process of installing water services, storm services, and storm main line is anticipated to continue.
During water service installation and connection to the existing service, water to individual homes will be shut off for a short period of time. The contractor will knock on the door of any home that will not have water prior to turning it off.

Thank you for your patience during the construction operations.